Hello and welcome to my site! I’m Batty. I’m a 26 years old, I was born and raised in Australia, and I’m an Adult Entertainer. I like the darker side of life; Fashion, music, horror. But I also appreciate and do like cute and colourful things.

I enjoy a wide range of things, from anime and manga, video games, web development, fashion, music, make-up, dank memes. I’m really a bag of tricks.

I believe that life is too short and that people shouldn’t live in a box. I enjoy living a free way of life, not letting others drag me down based on what they think and believe.

I also believe that sexuality is always changing. I don’t think it’s a one set thing, but rather a flowing river that you float down inside a boat. Sometimes the scenery changes here and there. Just go with the flow.

What does the title Adult Entertainer mean to me?

An Adult Entertainer is a vague term. It can mean anything to do with the adult industry, be it porn, stripping, camgirl, etc. To me, how I personally view it and what aim to do, is to have fun in an adult manner. I want to do pornographic things and I want to have fun and be entertaining while I do. Whether that be cracking a joke on cam while a dildo is buried inside me, or even streaming video games nude!